Keep the memories of your beloved cat alive after Cremation

It is said that men is an emotional animal, comparison of men with an animal might not be liked by most of the people but it is a bitter truth that there are lots of similarities between both these segments. Although animals too have emotions especially towards their masters, but as compared to men their emotions are temporary as they forget every incident in the short span of time, whereas it takes long time for a person to forget any incident that has affected his life to huge extent.


From the years animals are tamed by human beings, especially dogs and cats are among the common animals that almost liked by every family and the families in which they are tamed they are regarded as a part of family by member in family and nobody can even dream for getting separated from them. But death is a bitter truth of life for both men and animals and separation from pets is one of the painful moments for every family. This pain can be understood by them who have some pet at their home.

If you have a cat at home and has passed the moment is of-course an aching moment for your whole family, but on the other side you have also to make arrangements for cremation of your beloved cat. There are different ways by which people try to keep the memory of cat alive in their minds after cremating their cat. Some of the ways which are helpful in meeting their objective after cat cremation are referred below:

1. Collecting ashes in urn: If you have your own home then you can bury your cat at the backyard of your home, but in case if you reside in some rental house it would not be possible for you to do so. At that time it would be better to collect the ashes of your cat in some small container and keep it with yourself for long time.

2. Developing a statue of cat: It is also one of the possible ways to keep the memory of your car alive in your mind for long time. Although doing this might be quite expensive for you, but doing this will be a true honor to your cat.

3. Organizing special prayer on date of her death: As you organize special prayers on death anniversary of your dear ones, similarly you can organize special prayer for your cat to let her soul rest in peace.



VET AT HOME, Mobile Veterinary Services, was conceived by Dr Ram Naresh after meeting several old age pet owners, working pet owners and mums with young kids in veterinary consult rooms.

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