Why it is necessary to vaccinate kitten at home?

The love of people with their pet cannot be explained in words nor there is any standard to measure its range. The families which have pets at home, in those families the position of pet is not less than a family member, especially kid are immensely attached with their pets that they even prefer to enjoy their meals in same plate with their pet.  But, doing this sometimes might be dangerous to health for your family especially for kids and result in emergence of fatal diseases.

To get rid of this problem it is indispensable for you to get your pets vaccinated at regular intervals, as you do for your newly born kids. If you have a kitten as pet at your home, it would be better to understand the whole chart and process of kitten vaccinations to protect them and your family the infectious bacteria of their body. The most common diseases which might affect your kitten in absence of proper vaccination are referred below:

1.    Calicivirus;
2.    Rabies;
3.    Feline Heartworm Disease;
4.    Feline Viral Rhinotracheities (FVR);
5.    Panleukopenia; and
6.    Chlamydia.

Now the question arises that at which age the kittens should be vaccinated and how the whole process should go on. An answer to  first question that is the age of vaccinating kittens is between four and twenty weeks, however, as the general practice the process of vaccinating should begin when the age of your kitten is between six and eight weeks and should continue at regular interval during every three to four weeks. As a general practice the process of vaccination continues till your kitten’s age is between fourteen and sixteen years. This series of regular vaccination is helpful in protecting your kitten from diseases like Feline Panleukopen and respiratory problems.

Moving towards another question, i.e, how the kittens should be vaccinated. In earlier days normally the kittens were vaccinated by injection. But, in current scenario as an impact of technical developments, vaccination through injection has completely eliminated and now vaccination is done via nostrils. It is believed that going through the research in this field, we will see more advanced version of kitten vaccinations in coming future.

Anyhow if you have brought a kitten from the streets, it becomes mandatory for you to get him vaccinated immediately before he gets closer to your children. Because, chances of such kittens suffering from serious diseases are more as compared to kittens at home.



VET AT HOME, Mobile Veterinary Services, was conceived by Dr Ram Naresh after meeting several old age pet owners, working pet owners and mums with young kids in veterinary consult rooms.

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