Protect your kitten by vaccinating him from time to time

Having a kitten at home is entertaining in itself, not only he becomes a part of your family within the short span of time as soon as he enters in your house, but also you cannot a separation from him even for a minute. Whether you are dinning, going out for walk, you will find your beloved kitten following you everywhere you go. In-fact even if you have a personal gym at home, you will notice your little kitten even trying his hands on the equipments that you use for keeping your body, moreover if he is not able to carry those item he will start posing like you in front of you, which will keep you laughing for long hours.

I am sure after reading the above stuff you will definitely wish to bring a kitten to your home as a pet. But, having a pet at home isn’t the matter of always doing fun with him it also becomes your responsibility to look towards his health to not only protect him from various diseases but also the health of your family members.

Kitten Vaccinations

This might be surprising for you, but as immune system of newly born babies in human beings is not so powerful and they can easily get infected from severe diseases similarly the kitten at your home might also get infected from different diseases. And therefore as you get your kids vaccinated from time to time, similarly with the help of kitten vaccinations you can protect your kitten from different diseases like calcivirus, Chlamydia, rabies, Feline Leukemia, Feline Heartworm disease, Feline Viral Rhinotracheities etc. The regular vaccinations from time to time will help your kitten to enjoy a healthy life till the end of his life.

There are some factors which you should know about vaccinations of your kitten:

1. As first milk of mother is beneficial for the health of your child, so is in cats. If the mother of the kitten had been vaccinated then the chances of your kitten getting infected from any kind of diseases are very less. But, as you are unaware about the fact, it would be better to collect the information about it from the person from who you have purchased the kitten.

2. The immune system of kittens is very weak until they are 16 weeks old and therefore it becomes imperative for you to keep the properly vaccinated with energy enhancing vaccinations strictly according to vaccination chart determined for them.

3. Anyhow, if the kitten has never been vaccinated till the age of 16 weeks, then it will be better to offer his extra dose, before he is given the vaccinations that are determined for adults.

4. Vaccinating kitten doesn’t mean that you get them vaccinated, even when they are not in good health. Before vaccination make sure that your kitten is in good health.



VET AT HOME, Mobile Veterinary Services, was conceived by Dr Ram Naresh after meeting several old age pet owners, working pet owners and mums with young kids in veterinary consult rooms.

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